Our mission is to spark joy in others through art and crafted things.

Hi I'm Rachel, creator and artist behind RJG Pyrography.

This all started during wedding planning when looking for a wood burned advice and date night card box. I was determined to make one after an endless search of items that didn't quite fit my vision. I bought a wood burning machine, a book, and an unfinished box from Target. I found that wood burning is such a unique form of art and immediately loved it.

After being diagnosed with mental health disorders I started my journey in learning more about my neurodivergent brain. I was always a creative soul growing up, but creating this business has really impacted me in more ways than one. My goal is to help bring joy to others through art.

In 2022, I took a leap of faith and left my school SLP position to move onto something new. This decision led me in a new direction that allows me to work from home and focus more on creative things.

When I'm not creating... you'll find me in the garden or at a greenhouse, taking care of my indoor plants, going on walks/adventures, and hanging with J & G.